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42 reasons to love Jason Bateman [Happy birthday!]

It's Jason's birthday today. Let's celebrate with a massive picspam!

01. Because he looks great in b&w.

02. Because he can wear a bra and still look sexy.

03. Because I love the red t-shirt.

04. Because he was already cute as a child.

05. Because the Details Magazine shoot was awesome!

06. Because suits and sunglasses look extremely hot on him. (click to enlarge)

07. Because he kept his inner child and you can see it.

08. Because 'The Invention of Lying' was a great movie.

09. Because his character Adam Leavitt from 'The Kingdom' is so adorable.

10. Because I also like Jason Segel. ;-)

11. Because he rocks!

12. Because Jason + Will together are hilarious! (this one is for trulyobsessive ;) )

13. Because he wears that damn blue shirt, ngghn...

14. Because he worked with Henry Winkler.

15.Because he has that fantastic smile.

16. Because he can make you horny with 1 simple look. (this one is for danza1806 )

17. Because dumbdumb is great!

18. Because he worked with Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat.

19. Because he got his 1st acting job by accident.

20. Because there can never be enough Bateman and Arnett.

21. Because stubble looks so damn hot on him.

22. Because this pic has a wolf!!

23. Because his hips are like THAT:

24. Because he looks so cute all the time.

25. Because he worked with Kristen Bell.

26. Because despite his fame and all he still seems to be the guy next door.

27. Because he has a mighty fine ass. ^^

28. Because he became 'Sexiest boy to man'.

29. Because he has the most beautiful eyes.

30. Because he can wear leather. ^^

31. Because sometimes he makes you wanna lick your screen. (sometimes= constantly)

32. Because you find yourself cursing when you can't find certain pics in a decent size!

33. Because he is a great daddy!

34. Because he kicked Elmo's ass in a cuteness competition. ;D

35. He is happily married.(You're a lucky woman, Amanda)

36. Because Lucy is the best stripper EVER! xD

37. Because he always looks awesome on the red carpet.

38. Because...ehm...some pics simply don't need a reason. ;D

39. Because I have no idea what this is and I still love it.

40. Because he made 'One Way Out' a watchable movie.

41. Because -no matter what- he always makes you smile. :-)

42. Because there are no limits for his awesomeness.

Ok, wow- I am done! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. :)

Happy birthday, Jason!
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